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About Us

Who is Subec?

Subec is a design and engineering company. Our main focus is serving a world-wide wire, cable, hose and plastic industry with equipment, machines and custom made solutions.

Deep insight in this line of business combined with many years of experience gives us an edge and advantage that helps us to build strong customer relations.

Our customer oriented culture runs through the entire organisation. Long term repeat customers are the proof of our commitment.

Roller systems

What do Subec manufacture?

Subec has historically manufactured machines and equipment for the wire and cable industry. As the years has gone by, other industries has found that Subec’s products are well-suited for other things than cables and wires.

Besides our standard range of products, we can also tailor solutions to our customers individual needs.

Aside from this, we also strive to help our customers with any wear-and-tear issues they might have.

Wheels and Guides

Who do we represent?

Rosendahl Nextrom

Rosendahl Nextrom is a global supplier of battery, cable & wire and optical fiber manufacturing technologies.

Rosendahl Nextrom

MALI Ges.m.b.H

MALI Ges.m.b.H is a high-technology machine producer and constructor for the cable and wire industries.

Mali GmbH

Hagen & Funke

Vom Hagen & Funke GmbH manufactures high performance machines for the cable, wire and plastic industries.

Hagen Funke

Who do we distribute for?

Proton Products

Proton Products is a leading manufacturer of instrumentation and control equipment for use in industrial production.

Proton products make use of advanced technologies including laser Doppler speed and length measurement, laser scanning diameter measurement, CCD diameter measurement, high frequency induction preheating and digital control systems.

Distribute - Proton Products

Målerås Mekaniska

Målerås Mekaniska constructs and markets stands for tarpaulin, tents, a trolley system with profiles and suspensions, a pallet system and material handling system.

Distribute - Målerås Mekaniska

Accurate Thermal Systems

Accurate Thermal Systems is a manufacturer and service provider of temperature sources and instruments. Products include fluidized temperature baths, heating circulating bath, refrigerated bath, air filtration systems and dry block temperature calibrators and related measurement and test equipment.

Capabilities include manufacturing, consulting, training, calibration, repair, and on site support. Medical, laboratory, R&D and industrial applications served. Services and calibrates products in facility or at the customer’s location.

Typical applications for fluidized temperature baths: parts, tooling, machinery and hardware cleaning- removes all types of organics including paint, oil, grease, epoxy, plastic, varnish, insulation, rubber, adhesives, food and plant material and much more.

Distribute - Accurate Thermal Systems