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The Management Team

You are always welcome to contact us with any inquiries you might have. You can reach us by phone or e-mail, or contact a specific employee by using their links below.

Stefan Germer

Managing Director

Stefan is the son of the founder of Subec, Uwe. He is literally raised in the company!

Needless to say, Stefan’s knowledge about the products and machines goes from A-Z and back again.

Being fluent in Swedish and German, and with excellent skills in English, he gets by around the globe.



Horst Schneider

Manufacturing Engineer

Horst is, apart from Stefan, the one who has worked the longest for Subec. He has extensive knowledge in Subec’s products, machines, and our manufacturing or customization.

In the field of wire and cable manufacturing, there’s probably no one better to talk to than our Horst!

Originally from Germany, Horst is fluent in German as well as Swedish. Naturally, he also speaks very good English.


Olivier Henrat

Product Manager

Olivier has worked with Subec for quite some time now. He has a passion for cycling and pizza. Not at the same time though.

Olivier is somewhat of a linguist. As he’s originally from France, is his fluent in both French and Swedish. Beyond this he also speaks English.

As a Product Manager, Olivier has in-depth knowledge of the Subec portfolio of products. 


Jonathan Lundsjö

Product Manager

As a Product Manager I’m project leading customised developments and integrate them in the Subec product portfolio for the wire, cable and tube production. Listening to customer requirements I always relate cost and performance.

If you need equipment such as wear parts, straighteners, drives and other auxiliary machinery I like to be your partner for economic and sustainable solutions.




Director of Office Security

Frank has the most assignments of us all. Most of them are also instituted by himself.

As Director of Health Promotion, Frank makes sure everybody eats enough junk food. Vegetables aren’t appreciated by him.

In the role of Managing Shoe Transporter, he makes sure that anybody who leaves their shoes visible gets to search for them later.

Lastly, in the role of Director of Office Security, he could cuddle and snuggle a burglar straight.


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