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Glædelig Grundlovsdag

Posted by Subec
June 05, 2021
In Subec News

Today, we say Glædelig Grundlovsdag to our Danish neighbors. “Glædelig Grundlovsdag” means “Happy Consitution Day” in Danish. In 1849, the first constitution was signed on this day. The current constitution, also signed on the very same day, was signed in 1953.

Here are some fun facts about Denmark:

  1. Danish has no word for “please”.
    There’s no real translation to Danish for “please”, therefore they aren’t customed to use it internationally.
  2. Around half of the people in Copenhagen use their bikes to and from work.
    Denmark is known internationally to be a bicycle nation. 9/10 Danes have a bike. Some own more than one. On average, a Copenhagener cycle 3 km (around 4,5 miles) per day.
  3. There are no mountains in Denmark.
    And this is perhaps why they bicycle a lot? The country is very flat, which makes the bicycle an easy way to transport yourself.
  4. LEGO was invented by a Dane.
    Ole Kirk Christiansen from the town of Billund invented the first LEGO brick in 1949.One interesting fact aboutLEGO House in Denmark
  5. Out of 444 of the islands in Denmark, only 76 are inhabited.
    If you are looking for your very own island – look no further! There are 370 islands in Denmark that currently don’t have any people living on them.
  6. Copenhagen harbour is clean enough to swim in.
    Often harbours are associated with dirt, grime, and just plain ‘ol nastiness. In Copenhagen, however, the harbour is so clean that you can go for a swim in it. There are actually a handful of bathing sites along the harbour.
  7. In 1989, Denmark became the first country to legalize same-sex unions.
    And in 2012, same-sex marriages became granted. In 2021, Copenhagen will host the World Pride Event.

Yet again we want to say Glædelig Grundlovsdag to Denmark, and we hope you all get a beautiful weekend!