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Welcome Chris

Welcome Chris!

Posted by Subec
May 03, 2021
In Subec News

We would like to welcome Chris Hedberg to the Subec family!

Chrille (which is his given name – but prefers “Chris” outside of Sweden) has the title Technical Application Manager and will be the Subec version of MacGyver. Chris is most likely one of the most versatile persons we’ve ever met. A nurse goes engineer while martial arting CPR?

Chris, can you please explain this?
Hehe! In high school, I majored in electronics. Mid 90’s, tech boom, and everything – I had some hope of becoming a well-paid geek. Right after high school, I did my military service as a firefighter and paramedic. I got really interested in emergency medicine and went back to school to become a nurse. Worked for a while in, among other things, ER and ICU.

A traffic accident put an end to my career as a nurse. I fell back on my old hope of becoming that well-paid geek; back to school and became an electrical engineer specialized in building installations. After a move from the south to the north of Sweden, I was offered a position as a regional manager for an internationally renowned manufacturer of wheels and castors with a focus on the heavy-duty industry.

From there it went to an equivalent position with technical plastics. Now, with Subec, I’ll get to combine both wheels and plastics with electronics.

And where comes the ninja CPR into the picture?
I don’t know about the ninja part, but I do have a background in martial arts. In 2008 I earned my black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, which I have been practicing for around 15 years. I have also done some Krav Maga. When I was at my peak I got to train with an officer from California Highway Patrol. I’ve also had the privilege to train local LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officers) in close combat.

In 2016 I became a dad. Even though I’m a black belt nurse (literally!) I realized I was petrified about becoming a father. I also realized I wasn’t alone about this, so I got engaged with the Swedish Red Cross, to be able to offer courses in CPR. Today I’m not only a certified instructor in CPR and pediatric CPR, but I also train new instructors for the Swedish Red Cross.

How about the plans about becoming a geek?
Oh, I’m still a geek! All. The. Way! Some people do sudoku – I build websites. Why get a Netflix account when you can own all the seasons of Star Trek Voyager on DVD? And if one ever should find oneself bored, you always have Excel to take all the boredom away!

Excel? Really?
Word! I excel at it! [chuckles] I do get some sunlight on me too. I put plastics to really good use by throwing it. I play disc golf whenever I get the chance.

What will you do while at Subec?
Well, as you so eloquently put it: I’ll be the Subec version of MacGyver. Subec is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of equipment for the cable and wire industry. I would say that other industries could benefit from this expertise and range of products. Parallel with this, the same industries could also benefit from a portfolio of wear and tear products and know-how which I hope to be able to incorporate into Subec’s already outstanding portfolio of products!

You are, without a doubt, a very interesting person! Can you sum it up – anything to tie up with?
I consider myself a very laid-back person. I enjoy working on the field, getting my hands dirty, and thinking outside the box. A car, laptop, and a phone – what else can one need?

Again, welcome to the team Chris! We’re looking forward to seeing you guide the world straight to solutions!